State of the Show: 2300 Pod, Bro. Greatness, CCW, and more

December 19, 2021

As I sit in my house this weekend, I missed the opportunity to go to the Icons of Wrestling and meet some of my favorite wrestlers this weekend because I am stuck home with COVID. The good thing living in Philadelphia, you know that there is always another around the corner somewhere. I want to give a shout out to Dave and DB of the 2300 Wrestling Podcast and say that I am super excited about working on some upcoming project with them. Stay tuned for some information on somethings that we‘ll be working on together regarding the next CCW/1CW show on January 29th.

This week on the show, courtesy of the amazing Upper Limit Wrestling, Brother Greatness stops by and we have a somewhat weird and interesting interview. Both of us weren’t feeling great but we wanted to get this done as we’ve been circling each other for sometime. This underrated athlete brings, with tones of the ‘Smackdown 6 ‘ as his template, brings a great mix of incredible skill to the ring. Also, Brother Greatness is not just a gimmick, he truly tries to lead by being an example and not just a talker.

We also have Devlyn Macabre who comes to us from Capitol Championship Wrestling. Devlyn is a mere few months into her professional career and she’s already travling and catching the eye of women’s promotions such as CCW and SHINE. Devlyn talks about the inspiration that is Jon Moxley and how watching him growing up helped her deal with heavy situations. Only turning 21 this past week, she is very open and very honest and goes into details about her struggling childhood. Devlyn explains how this journey help mold her into the person that she is and how going through that journey makes places like Capital Championship Wrestling so important to her. And how their event, Legacy, helped make them a major player on the women’s s wrestling scene.

We’re going to be closing 2021 out with a BANG with some great interviews with ULW ’s The Blood Brothers, 1CW’s Shawn Carlson, and my personal favorite wrestling manager, Nigel Rabid! Every Monday at 7pm on YouTube, Facebook Video, and all major Podcast platforms. Until 20222.

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