New Year's Update! 25K in one week, 2300, and more.

Before we start, I need to say THANK YOU to each and everyone of you and anyone who has listened or watched our show. Our Blood Brothers Episode hit 16k+ and Brother Greatness' episode hit 11k+ downloads. On top of that, I have been cohosting shows with the 2300 Wrestling Podcast as well, I have YouTube and MiniDrops coming out the very end of January when we go see Championship Wrestling in Delaware.

I need to take a second and highlight a few amazing companies that we've been working with. Congratulations for Mid-West All Star Wrestling for raising over $38,000 for the Women of Nations Eagle's Nest domestic violence shelter in the month of December! Please, if you ever want to make a donation with impact, you need to check them out. This past Monday, MAW star Rampage Santana was on... and he's positive he'll be signed by December 31st, 2022.

Capital Championship Wrestling continues to bring in amazing talent and is working on cementing their status as one of the premiere women's wrestling organization in the United States with Kilynn King becoming their inaugural champion after classic matches with Masha Slamovich and Willow Nightengale! Check out Rebecca Scott on the show next week!

First State Championship Wrestling is teaming up with CCW to have one of the most anticipated TV wrestling shows. Listen to Bad Bad Banks talk about how amazing it was to grow up in the promotion and about the time he was on a date - and someone wanted his autograph. Plus, next week, we have co-owner Shawn Carlson.

Upper Limit Wrestling and the Blood Brothers... well 16K fans can't be wrong. The wrestlers who work here love it and the ones who don't, want to!

Lastly, I'm looking for input on 2 things: 1 - What Independent Wrestler do YOU want to see appear on the show? 2 - Mike 'The Geek'. Let me know what you think about that nickname. Comment below, or feel free to drop a line to

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