Monster Factory: Legacy of Construction and Destruction

This summer, I am making a documentary interviewing and putting together stories about the World Famous Monster Factory. If you or anyone you know trained there and would like to contribute, please email:

This will be an independent project on a minimalist budget and crowdfunding information will be out by May 15th, 2022 with tiered benefits for those who help support it.


Monster Factory: A Legacy of Construction and Destruction

If you are reading this, I would put money that you like wrestling. If you like wrestling, you have had that moment in which you dreamed that you heard 1-2-3, the crowd roars, and the referee hands you a giant belt and the place goes crazy. On my show, The Wrestling Independent, one of my usual questions is asking what that moment was. Everyone asks it. But, if you are like the majority of wrestling fans, something stopped you.

Have you ever wondered what happens if you do take that leap?

Last night, May 5, 2022, I was able to see two things that only the initiated typically get to see:

1 - Someone getting the courage to walk in and start a journey that could change their lives

2 - The single most dangerous move in professional wrestling

I am going to be honest, I can't recall the names of everyone that I have met at the Monster Factory. While there are people I am familiar with: Gabby Ortiz (the OG TWI Guest), Brian Morris, Marvelous, and a few others... Coach Cage's classes seem to have upwards of two dozen students attending. Why that many? Probably because of names like Matt Riddle, Damian Priest, The Godfather, Raven, Paul Wight, Bam Bam Bigelow, and the dozens more who have become legends in this business and the one thing in common is the Monster Factory.

As I approached the building, only the second time that I have been there, the front door was locked and a skinny kid with a bush of curly hair was hanging around out front. After a moment, he asked me where he goes to sign up, and I helped him find the way around into the building. We have a short conversation. He grew up in the neighborhood, his dad used to bump into the legendary Larry Sharpe around the neighborhood. He could just never shake it and decided that today is the day where he finally makes his first step.

There's a nervousness that happens the first time you walk into a wrestling school. You suddenly, whether you though you were a big fan before, a realization that you know actually nothing about what actually goes into wrestling. You see people practice moves without the lights and a cheering crowd. Every bad bump, you hear the wind getting knocked out of them and you watch them slowly get up. Suddenly, this abstract idea of being a wrestler and what it takes become real. In the back of your mind the reality of working out and eating right and the pain that you are going to be in, because you see it plain as day on every single person who tells you that they have been doing this for over a year and it still hurts. It's the difference between watching a UFC fight and standing still with your hands behind your back and wait for a 225lb beast punch you in the face.

The second thing that I got to see is 'The Most Dangerous Move in Wrestling'. Call it that. Hell, call it 'The Career Ender.' There is one single solitary move that has ended more careers than anything else. You may not know it... but every single person who ever trained is screaming out the answer...

The FIRST bump.

Before you read any further, no, the guy who I was talking about as walking in the door with me is not the guy I am talking about. Coach Cage doesn't even let you run certain drills until you've trained long enough. Why am I putting emphasis on the first bump? You've seen a match, wrestlers bump dozens of times. Hell, they'll bump and pop back up.

The truth is, that first bump is your real initiation. That is your cherry popper. You may not believe it, ask Coach Cage, Lance Storm, HHH, QT Marshall, and I will name every trainer worth their salt ever... and I would put money that they can tell you if someone even has the chance to be successful based on how they react to that FIRST bump.

Remember what I said about still being in pain? That's from bumping. Ever hear of a career ending (or paused) Spinal Stenosis? From bumping. Broken necks, concussions, even death can be the result of a bad bump.

That first bump though. That is 15-30 years of being a fan and dreaming about winning the gold. It is the courage that you had in walking into the building for the first time. It's the first true test that you have as a wrestler. It is the point in which you finally realize that the dreams you have will hurt. The matches that you had in your backyard or living room was really nothing but fun. It hundreds of hours spent watching and hundreds if not thousands spent on a 'hobby'. As I said, more people have quit because they can't get over the shock of that first bump.

Monster Factory

Paulsboro, NJ

May 5, 2022 8:47 p.m.

'That was real good but we need to fix it.'

'I know, I needed to prove I could do it first.'


'Okay, again!'

The Wrestling Independent is not affiliated with the Monster Factory but this project is being done with the knowledge and cooperation with the Monster Factory. Please email for more information or to participate. For information about the Monster Factory, including Try Out and training information, please go to:

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