Incredible Month of March, Fan Contests, And More!

*Read to the end for two special FAN announcements!

Thank you to all of our loyal listeners, viewers, and show community members. We went from a show where in 3 weeks I was excited to get 1,000 downloads on an episode, now we're getting over 5,000 downloads the first week of being published!

This is super exciting as it's opening doors and creating opportunities for our show and audience and I am really excited to take you all on the ride with me! Two years ago, independent wrestling ground to a halt. Almost to the weekend, the Independents are coming back! Buckle the MothaEffin (right, Kilynn?) Up! If you were waiting, the Indies are on FIRE!

Stay tuned within the next couple of weeks when we make our debut for the new promotion, WRESTLE CORE out of Vancouver, Canada! While we're in Philly, we're going to do some special commentary work along with helping to produce the show and distribute amongst our fans for one of the most UNIQUE fan experiences in the world of wrestling! And stay tuned... POE is coming!

Saturday, the 12th, we will be live almost all day from the H20 Arena in Williamstown for Combat Fights Unlimited and intergender Bonanza 11 - Bonanzaboree! You have a chance to see Masha Slamovich fight three times! Speaking of IGB - and star of our giveaway this month, Stan Stylez, they are the most fun I have at wrestling shows. CWO? Shake Weight Supreme? Marcus Mathers? Bring as many people as you can because they are going to have the time of their goddamn lives. If you live in Jersey or Philly and you aren't at the H2O arena with me all day - get your life in order.

This week, listen to Jarett Diaz and Raul from Upper Limit Wrestling as they talk INDIES UNITE! Elks Lodge in Queens. Groups like Upper Limit Wrestling are putting so much time and effort into their product. They really are creating fan and wrestler driven products that make you happy to watch and be drawn into their work.

Finally, as we look forward, we have some amazing guests coming on: Adam Ryder, Alice Starr... and the ONE of the biggest guests we've been looking forward to! The babe with the power FINALLY joins the show!


For Our Loyal Fans!

We are looking for Fan Stories! Are you a Wrestling fan with an interesting story? What separates you from everyone else? Pastor? Ex Worker? (s)Ex Worker?

CEmail us today to tell your story!

Thank You! to all of our new fans who signed up for our February give away with Masha Slamovich and Big Game Leroy!

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