February: Show Changes, Surprise HOF'er, Indy Basket Give Away, and more...

Over the past few months, The Wrestling Independent has already started to surpass what I envisioned. Our audience and viewing is higher than what I hoped by this point and we seem to be gaining some fans that are enjoying the product. As always, I encourage people to email me at or to go to the show's website and fill the contact form to give feedback.

Over the next few weeks, we're slowly upgrading the show and starting with some better and newer technology, which is creating some exciting opportunities. The first of which is we are now spreading our show out over two days - Tuesday and Thursday Mornings in order to have better distribution. How are we going to kick off our first Thursday morning show? Don't worry, there's a Hall of Famer coming, courtesy of Midwest All-Star Wrestling... and we always get our man...

The second, and more exciting thing, is that it gives us the opportunity to take the show on the road at some wrestling shows that we're excited to be at. The first of these is going to be the Championship Wrestling from Delaware taping on February 19th in Houston, DE when Kilynn King, World Famous CB, Bad Bad Banks, Willow Nightingale, and more come together at the next television taping for 1CW Pro-Wrestling and Capital Championship Wrestling. The following month, we'll be at Intergender Wrestling 11 - Bonanzaboree on March 12th!

The next Exciting order of business is that we've launched a our new: Indy Wrestling Gift Basket Give-Away! Every month on the 25th, we will enter in all the new mailing list and site members to a randomizer and pick 1 person to win our Give Away. This month? Masha Slamovich and Big Game Leroy take over. We've got a t-shirt, sign autograph, and more little trinkets to liven up your life like a punch in the face! We can't thank you enough, and this is how we're trying.

Finally, there are some exciting and hard hitting guests coming up! Indy Favorites like PJ Savage, Jarret Diaz, Lilith Grimm, and More. Thank you to all the promotions that we're trying to help such as Upper Limit Wrestling and Invictus out of New York as well as Women of Hardcore coming up in May in Houston, TX.

If you haven't yet... please go visit and like, share, and subscribe.

- Mike Frasch

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